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Showing authors 170-189 of 1821.

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Chung, King-chi.
Chung, Sandrine Man Chi.
Chung, Wing Mei.
Chung, Wing Tung.
Chung, Yan Yi Eddy.
Chung, Yi Tak.
Chu, Wai Yan.
Chu, Wai Yin.
Chu, Yan Kit.
Clapp, Jeffrey Michael
Clark, John L.
Colloquium on Issues in English Language Benchmarking (1999 : Hong Kong Institute of Education).
Conference on Teacher Education (1969 : Hong Kong).
Coniam, David.
Crew, Vernon.
Cruz, Alberto.
Dai, Chung Hei Jana.
Dendy, Judy.
Ding, Jiayu.
Ding, Rongrong.
Dou, Qiuwen.
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