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Adames, Anthony, R.
Allison, Desmond.
Aman, Nazim.
Anley, Vernon.
An, Min.
Arenas, Joel Colixtro.
Asia-Pacific Centre for Education Leadership and School Quality.
Asia-Pacific Conference on Children's Spirituality: (2009 Hong Kong Institute of Education).
Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association. Conference (2006 : Hong Kong Institute of Education).
Asia-Pacific symposium on Music Education Research (4th : 2003 : Hong Kong, China).
Association of Lecturers at Colleges of Education.
Attiyyah, Zaineb.
Au, Chung-to
Au, Hin-tung.
Au, Ho-lun.
Au, Ming Chai.
Au, Siu Lin Florence.
Au, Wai Chun Cherry.
Bae, Taejin.
Bai, Jieru.
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