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Chow, Man Choi.
Chow, Sik Yan
Chow, Wai Kwan Alice
Chow, Wai Kwan Alice.
Chung, Jin-Wook.
Chung, Kevin Kien Hoa
Chung, King-chi.
Chung, Sandrine Man Chi.
Chung, Yi Tak.
Chu, Yan Kit.
Clapp, Jeffrey Michael
Clark, John L.
Colloquium on Issues in English Language Benchmarking (1999 : Hong Kong Institute of Education).
Conference on Teacher Education (1969 : Hong Kong).
Coniam, David.
Crew, Vernon.
Cruz, Alberto.
Dendy, Judy.
Ding, Jiayu.
Ding, Rongrong.
Dou, Qiuwen.
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