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The EdUHK Collection [教大特藏] is a collection set up for long-term preservation and effective dissemination of EdUHK-related materials in digital formats. All documents, including those originated by EdUHK staff and students, are processed with copyright clearance. It consists of EdUHK Publications including programmes prospectus & handbooks, university publications, staff publications, student publications, curriculum materials and internal documents.

Due to copyright reasons, materials in the EdUHK Collection, with the exception of 'Programme prospectus & handbooks' and 'University publications' are accessible by EdUHK staff and students only.

Help on using Digital Repository


I. Basic Search
II. Advanced Search
III. Browse
IV. Search Result
V. Search Tips

  • The search box is at the left hand top corner of the search platform for all document type.
  • Enter keyword(s) into the search box, then press "Go" button.

  • Advanced search offers more than one search field that performs combine sets using Boolean Operator AND, OR, NOT
  • (a) Click on the "Advanced Search" hyperlink on the left hand side or (b) enter the keywords directly in the middle part of the homepage.


In all document types, Browse function allows users to browse material within each category:

a. EdUHK Collection

Browse by Document Types, Title, or Author

1. Click on EdUHK Collection
2. Select one among six document types, e.g. curriculum material
3. You may enter keywords to search within the document category; or
4. Keep browsing by clicking on Titles / Authors / Date buttons

b. Examination Papers

Browse by Programme Name, Course/ Modules Name or Examination Date

1. Select category, e.g. programme name
2. You may enter keywords to search within the document category; or
3. Keep browsing by clicking on Course /Modules Names or Examination Date

c. Education Newspaper Clippings

Browse by Newspapers, Title, Subject or Date

1. Select category, e.g. subject
2. Click on the subject terms



a. View Full Text

From the search result, click on "View/Open hyperlink" to view full text document.

b. Email a record's URL (this function is only available at 'EdUHK Collection')

Note that the URL of the record is sent to the supplied email address, not the full document.

1. Click on "Recommend/Email this item"
2. Fill in both sender's and recipient's name and email addresses, then press "Send"



a. Boolean searching
The following Boolean operators can be used to combine terms. Note that they must be CAPITALIZED !

Operator Search Statement Retrieve Records Containing
AND teaching AND learning BOTH the words "teaching" and "learning"
OR teaching OR learning EITHER the words "teaching" or "learning"
NOT teaching NOT learning "teaching' but not "learning"

b. Truncation
Use an asterisk (*) after a word stem to get all hits having words starting with that root:


Search Statement Retrieve Records Containing
profess* keywords which begin with profess, such as professor, professors, profession, professionalism, etc.


c. Phrase Searching
To search using multiple words as a phrase, put quotation marks (") around the phrase.

e.g. "teacher education"

d. Exact word match
Put a plus (+) sign before a word if it MUST appear in the search result. For instance, in the following search the word "enrichment" is optional, but the word "language" must be in the result.

e.g. +language enrichment

e. Eliminate items with unwanted words
Put a minus (-) sign before a word if it should not appear in the search results. Alternatively, you can use NOT. This can limit your search to eliminate unwanted hits.

e.g. education -primary or education NOT primary

f. Parentheses can be used in the search query to group search terms into sets, and operators can then be applied to the whole set.

e.g. ("active learning" OR "action research") AND (art OR music)


Last updated: 20 Sep 2016